How to Wrap a Ball

by kdavidson

Gift-wrapping can be one of the most fun things about giving a gift! Oddly-shaped gifts, such as balls, don't have to destroy that fun. Wrapping a ball only requires a few minutes of time and some simple gift-wrapping supplies. Follow the steps below to create a beautiful gift presentation--even if your gift is a ball!

How to Wrap a Ball in a Basket

Place the ball in a basket. Be sure the bucket of the basket covers half of the ball.

Fill the sides of the basket with a filling of some sort. Since the recipient will see the filling as part of the gift presentation, be sure to choose an aesthetically appealing filler.

Wrap a netting wrap around the basket. There are also plastic basket wraps that could be used to cover the basket.

Tie a ribbon around top by gathering a portion of the netting or plastic-wrap and then tying the ribbon around the portion.

How to Wrap a Ball in a Box

Place the ball in an appropriately-sized box

Fill the sides of the box with a filler of some sort (newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap) to keep the ball from bouncing around.

Wrap the box with gift-wrapping paper. This, of course, includes taping down the sides and attaching a bow to the outside of the box.

How to Wrap a Ball Directly

Wrap the ball in netting or wrapping paper.

Tie the netting together using a ribbon or simply tape the wrapping paper to the ball.


  • Many sports balls come pre-packaged in a box. This can obviously make the gift-wrapping much easier.

Items you will need

  • Ball
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Basket (optional)
  • Gift Box Filler (optional)
  • Box
  • Wrapping paper or netting

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