How to Word Thank You Notes

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Wondering how to word thank notes so they won't sound boring and cliche? Give some thought to the gift giver, the occasion, and the gift to come up with just the right phrasing.

Think about the gift or occasion you need to thank someone for. The occasion could be any of the following: - birthday - anniversary - wedding - bridal shower - baby shower - retirement - pet sitting - a ride to the airport These are just a few of the reasons to write thank you notes. There are many others.

Gather a pen, scrap paper, and the gift list if you'll be writing thank you notes for a shower or party where you received numerous gifts. Write unique thank you notes for each gift.

Begin jotting down ideas so you can word thank you notes appropriately. Consider each gift and the gift giver individually to make the thank you note specific. For multiple gifts, start with one at time and word the card to reflect the gift and gift giver. Each card does not have to be totally unique but add a bit of creativity. For instance, for a baby shower, word the thank you notes so you consider what the gifts mean to you, such as: Dear Jean, We can't wait to wrap our baby in the adorable hooded towel after bath time. The bunny ears will look so cute. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Becky and Tom

Think about what the gift means to you so you can get the wording just right. Did you receive the new sweater you've had your eye on? If your child actually listened and bought you what you wanted, use the feelings of gratitude to word the thank you card, such as: Billy, Did you notice how surprised (and happy) I was when I opened my new sweater? I hope you know how much I appreciate it and you for being such a caring son. Love, Mom

Write neatly when you copy the wording from the scrap paper onto the note card. Make any last minute changes to the wording before copying the thank you note to the card.

Seal and stamp the envelope and mail the thank you card. It will mean more when the gift giver thumbs through the mail and finds your thank you card there.

Items you will need

  • Scrap paper
  • Thank cards or note cards
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Ink pen
  • Gift list, if there is one

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