How to Word Funeral Thank You Notes

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Knowing how to word funeral thank you notes can be confusing and challenging. In your time of grief, the wording for your thank you note may not come easily. Fortunately most people simply appreciate your sincere gratitude no matter what you write in the thank you note. Read on for some examples of funeral thank you note verses.

Before you even start writing your funeral thank you notes it's important to realize not everyone who attended the funeral services needs to be sent a thank you card. Those who should be thanked include pallbearers, clergy, anyone who dropped off food, sent flowers, purchases a mass card or made a donation in your loved one's honor. See the link in the Resources Section below for proper etiquette in sending bereavement thank you notes.

Wording for Pallbearers - Dear ___, Thank you so much for your show of support in our family's time of mourning. We appreciate you serving as a pallbearer. You have always been a true and good friend to ____. I/we know he would have appreciated the great deal of comfort and support you provided during this difficult time.

Verses for Clergy - Dear ____, Our family can not thank you enough for the spiritual guidance you provided in our time of mourning. While our hearts are saddened by ___'s loss, we thank you for making this difficult time a little easier. Your spiritual council makes it a little easier to remember that God is ever present in our lives, even in death.

Thank you verses for Donors, Flowers & Other Gifts - Dear _____, Thank you for your sincere thoughtfulness in sending the beautiful flowers/food OR making a donation in ____'s name. I/We truly appreciate your kindness in our family's time of mourning. We can't thank you enough for honoring ____ in this thoughtful way.

Wording to thank Service Providers (ie babysitters) - Dear _____, Thank you so very much for babysitting during this very hectic and sad time in our lives. Your help and generosity eased our minds knowing we had such a trustworthy friend supporting us in our time of need.

Verse to thank the person who provided the eulogy - Dear ___, Thank you so very much for remembering ___ in such a beautiful way. We all have such wonderful memories of ______. You are a true friend to all of us and we are honored you were able to share just how ____ touched your life. We know ___ was always proud to call you a friend.

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