How to Use Skoal Pouches

by Amie Taylor

Skoal pouches are small sacks that contain a form of smokeless tobacco. They are made of a perforated material, similar to a tea bag, that allows the flavor of the tobacco to flow through it. Easier to use than loose chewing tobacco, pouches allow you to manage your tobacco by keeping it in one convenient spot. Skoal pouches are available in regular size and bandits -- a smaller version of the regular pouch. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors.

Purchase a can of Skoal pouches. If you are new to smokeless tobacco, using bandits is a suitable option because of their smaller size.

Open the can and take out a pouch. Close it up tightly to keep the remaining pouches fresh.

Place the pouch in your mouth between your teeth and your lower lip.

Prepare a disposable cup with a folded paper towel inside for spitting. The paper towel will absorb the tobacco juice and contain the mess if you happen to spill it.

Spit the tobacco juice into the cup when you have a fair amount in your mouth. Do not swallow it or you may become sick to your stomach.

Keep the pouch in your mouth until it loses flavor.

Remove the pouch from your cheek when you're done and toss it into the cup. Dispose of the cup and the pouch in a lidded trash can.

Items you will need

  • Skoal smokeless tobacco pouch
  • Disposable cup
  • Paper towel

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