Traditional Foods of Holy Week in Spain

by Exa von Alt

Holy Week or _Semana Santa_, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, is one of the most important holidays in Spain. Spaniards recognize the week by participating in solemn parades with wooden floats. Participating men dress in white, pointed hoods, while women often wear black to watch the parade. Spaniards also eat specific foods to recognize these festive days.

Sweets and Savories

During Holy Week in Spain, several types of **soups and stews** are prepared, including chickpea and cod stew; garlic soup; and _pure de cuaresma_, a soup made with white beans, potatoes, leeks and carrots. **Typical desserts** include rice pudding, sweet cakes with sesame seeds and _torrijas_, slices of bread dipped in egg, wine and milk then fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. On Easter Sunday, the celebration includes a feast of lamb and desserts like _rosquillas_, which are Spanish doughnuts, and _huesos de santos_, or **saints' bones**, tubes made from marzipan that are filled with egg yolk and sugar paste.


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