How to Teach Kids the Lord's Prayer

by Eliza Martinez

The Lord's Prayer is commonly spoken during Christian church services. You've probably noticed that most people in the congregation have it memorized. If you have young children, teaching them the Lord's Prayer allows them to participate in worship and gives you the opportunity to talk about the role God plays in your lives. Many teaching tools exist that make learning the prayer simple and fun. Understanding the meaning of the words helps keep you and your children from saying the prayer by rote and fosters a better connection with God.

Teach the prayer line by line. Rather than teaching your child the whole prayer at once, start at the beginning and work on one portion at a time. For example, start with the first line, "Our Father who art in Heaven," and work on it for a week or so. Once your child can recite the first line, move on to the second.

Make a picture book. Write or type one line of the Lord's Prayer on a piece of paper. Use one piece of paper for each line. Staple the pages together in order. Have your child draw a picture to go with the line of the prayer on each page. Read through the book each day. Seeing the pictures can help your child remember the order of the prayer and makes it fun to learn.

Dance or sing while you say the Lord's Prayer. Sometimes music is a good way to help kids remember the words, particularly with a long passage. Set the words to music and sing them together or create actions to go along with the words of the prayer.

Ask questions. Often, talking about what the various parts of the Lord's Prayer mean helps a child remember the words. For example, talk about what "give us this day our daily bread" means. Help your child understand that this phrase means you are asking God to give you the things you need. Understanding this helps a child visualize more than just a loaf of bread.

Write it down. For older children, who can read and write, copying down the Lord's Prayer is a good way for them to remember it. Give your child a printed version of the prayer and piece of paper. Have him copy the prayer once a day for several weeks. A picture of the written words in his head will help him recall them later.

Practice the Lord's Prayer often. Say the prayer several times per day to help your child remember the order of the words. Try saying the prayer before meals and at bedtime. Once your child knows the prayer, you don't have to say it so often to keep it memorized.

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