How to Select Catholic Gifts: Baptism

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If you're attending a Catholic baptism, you'll want to know how to choose appropriate Catholic gifts. Baptism is a very special event that marks the entry of a baby (or an adult convert) into the Catholic community. Consider the following suggestions for choosing Catholic baptism gifts:

If you prefer to give a gift of religious significance, rosaries, statuettes, commemorative plaques, and personalized religious jewelry are nice choices for children and adults. If you are a close relative or godparent of the person being baptized, it is especially appropriate to give these types of Catholic gifts. Baptism gifts like Bibles (for children or adults), prayer books, or theological and devotional books (for adult converts) are also appropriate.

Especially for babies, baptism gifts don't have to be religiously based. Consider giving something practical like clothing, a gift card, or cash. Another nice idea is a savings bond that can mature and be redeemed when the child is older.

Generic keepsakes are also appropriate as Catholic gifts. Baptism gifts could include a picture frame, a jewelry or keepsake box, or a decorative accent for a child's room.

Any gift that is practical, faith-based, or commemorative can be appropriate. Even a CD might work, for example a Christian music CD, a theology book on CD, or a Rosary CD. But the latest action movie or PBS cartoon would not be appropriate. As you can see from all of the examples presented here, there is no shortage of options for Catholic gifts. Baptism gifts don't follow a hard and fast rule; just exercise good judgment, and don't be afraid to use your creativity.

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