How to Read the Holy Bible Online for Free

by Nancy Holland
Compare different translations of the Bible online.

Compare different translations of the Bible online.

You can read the Bible online anywhere you have Internet access. On the web,explore versions of the Bible that may be easier to read or written in a style that appeals to you. If you want to study the Bible in greater depth, you can compare important verses in a variety of translations. The Christian Booksellers Association releases an annual report of best-selling Bibles at stores operated by its members. All of the top ten Bible translations in the 2010 report are available for free online reading as of October 2010.

English and Foreign-Language Versions

Visit the BibleGateway website and click on "Available Versions" in the navigation section on the left side of the page. A page will open with a list of Bibles sorted by language.

Click on the name of the Bible you want to read. A list of the books of the Bible with individual links for each chapter will open. Click on the chapter you want to read and it will open.

Adjust the size of the type on the page by clicking on the series of five "A's" in the gray bar near the top center of the page. The larger "A's" will enlarge the type for easier reading. Clicking on a smaller "A" will fit more words onto a single screen.

Read additional chapters by using the navigation buttons just above the title of the chapter. The single-arrow key that points to the right will move you to the next chapter. The single-arrow key that points to the left will take you to the previous chapter. The right-facing double-arrow key will bring up the next book of the Bible and the left-facing double-arrow key will open the previous book. Hover your cursor over the buttons to view what each one will do. You may also click the back button on your browser to return to the main page and make a new selection.

Catholic Bible

Visit the "New American Bible" page on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). You can reach this page by clicking on "Bible" in the top navigation bar of any page on the USCCB website.

Click on the name of the book of the Bible you would like to read or scroll down the page to see the books listed by chapter. The books are arranged in the order they appear in a printed Bible. This is called the "Canonical Order." If you prefer to view the Bible books in alphabetical order, click on the text link that reads "Books of the Bible in Alphabetical Order."

Click on the chapter you would like to read.

Navigate through the Bible by clicking on the text links below the Bible text. These allow you to move to the previous chapter, the next chapter, or the table of contents.

Items you will need

  • Computer
  • Internet access


  • PDF links on BibleGateway for non-English Bibles will open on the Biblica website.
  • After you select a Bible to read on BibleGateway, the page that opens has information about the Bible version and a copyright notice from the publisher. Some publishers include extensive information about their translation. Scroll down the page until the list of Bible books and chapters is visible.

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