How to Have a Raffle with Balloons

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Balloons bring out the child in everyone. Use them at a fundraiser for any children's cause or charity. Beside using them for decoration, put a new twist on the old raffle idea. The balloons can hold the raffle tickets, then the raffle announcements will create an explosion of balloons.

Buy thick latex balloons. You want something light enough to pop fairly easily but not no so light that they pop before you want them to.

Take balloons out the the bag, and lay them out on a table or work area.

Roll raffle tickets into tight little cylinders that you can fit through the mouth of the balloons.

Put the raffle tickets inside the balloons while they are deflated.

Fill the balloons with helium.

Tie the balloons.

Attach balloons to string or anchors, and distribute them as people buy raffle tickets.

When it's time to call the raffle numbers, ask everyone to pop the balloons to get the tickets out.


  • Don't worry if a balloon pops prematurely. You can hold the ticket until the raffle, and give the the ticket holder a substitute balloon to pop.


  • Keep balloons away from younger children.
  • Never let a child get balloons close to his or her face as there is a danger of choking.

Items you will need

  • Balloons
  • Helium tank
  • Raffle tickets
  • Prizes

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