How to Make and Print Memorial Cards

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You can create your own personalized memorial or funeral card for a loved one that has passed with your computer and pre-formatted cards.

There are cardstock templates that are designed for a business card that work very well for funeral cards. If you go to any business supply store or visit their online store, you will find them in stock. They will have both single sided and double sided cards to choose from. Depending on how you would like to memorialize your loved one, you can choose either of the two.

Decide what you would like to create for a memorial card. You may want a prayer card with the deceased' s favorite prayer or scripture or you may not want it to be religious at all. Poetry, inspirational quotes, and proverbs are also comforting in a time of mourning. You can add personal touches such as pictures, dates, family members information and special memories as well.

For some examples of wording, please see the links below.

Follow the directions in the box of blank business cards to create the cards. They will generally give you the option of using a template in your word processing software or going to their online wizard to create the cards. You will create one card and the software will duplicate it so you can print full sheets of bereavement cards.

Print your cards. The directions will include specific page set up information to print your cards. It is best to print the first set on a regular, blank sheet of paper to make sure that it is set up correctly. You can hold that blank sheet up against a sheet of the blank business cards to be sure that it is set up properly. If there is an error, you can correct it before you waste a sheet of cards.

Items you will need

  • computer with word processing software like Word or internet access to use online template
  • printer
  • blank business cards available online or at any office supply store


  • When you are buying the blank cards, you may want to also purchase additional toner for your printer.

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