Places to Sell Household Items for Cash

by C.A. Johnson
A yard or garage sale is an inexpensive venue for turning household goods into cash.

A yard or garage sale is an inexpensive venue for turning household goods into cash.

There are lots of ways to offload unwanted household goods for a little extra cash. Some places may charge you a fee to sell items, while others are free venues. It is important to take stock of what is being sold; some items have more value than given credit at first glance.

Garage and Yard Sales

Garage and yard sales are the easiest, most accessible venue for people looking to sell their "junk." It's often said that one person's junk is another person's treasure. The profit margin for selling items from a yard or garage is one of the best, if there is decent foot traffic. This venue operates on the seller's terms with hours and prices set by the person doing the selling. This is an efficient option for common goods.

Online Auctions

Online auction houses allow sellers to place items up for bid and buyers a chance to pay what they deem is appropriate, often more than the seller was expecting. Anyone can sell through online auctions. However, online auctions usually charge a per-transaction fee, which bites into a seller's profit margin. The ability to accept debit and credit card payments increases the viability of the sale. Broader markets are another beneficial aspect of selling items online. Online auctions are good place to sell limited editions and collectible items.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are an effective outlet for selling higher-ticket goods like fine clothing and jewelry. Consignment shops work using two different methods of payment — profit sharing and upfront payments. Some shops offer both. Profit sharing involves establishing an agreement with the shop defining an account number, the percentage of sale and payment dates. Profit sharing works by bringing sellable items into the shop once terms have been agreed upon. The shopkeeper will put what he deems is a fair price and an account number on the merchandise and place it for sale. The money from each sale goes into the designated account and is paid out on the predefined pay dates. In the upfront payment method, a seller takes goods into the shop and the shop pays the seller immediately for the items in either cash or store credit.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are another option for selling household goods. Most flea market venues require a small fee to set up a booth for a single day or a weekend. Sellers display their goods and wait for buyers. Usually, there is considerable foot traffic at a flea market, making items available to more people.

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