How to Donate Your Old Cell Phone to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

by Contributor

Did you know that your old cell phone can be donated to help victims of Domestic Violence? The phone will have only 911 capabilities and will give victims an extra measure of help if they should need it.

Remove any extra information from your phone, such as address books, pictures, and text messages. If you like, most cell phone companies can do this for you. The phone will basically be a 911 device only for the person it will assist. All cell phones have 911 capabilities even when service is cut off.

Find out where you can drop off your donations, if your cell phone provider is not a collection point. Sometimes police stations or emergency rooms have a collection program connected with the local Domestic violence program.

Donate directly to the Domestic violence program, call first and let them know that you are coming and what you have to donate, they be stocked up or know of another agency that could use the phones for similar reasons.

Items you will need

  • As many old cell phones and chargers as you can find.


  • This donation is especially helpful to a victim of Domestic violence as sometimes an abuser may take away her regular means of communication and this can be a device she keeps hidden for those emergencies.


  • The phones can be activated to use as regular cell phones, but if the person chooses to activate it, it will of course have a new card provided by the cell phone company.

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  • Nokia 8310 cell phone (circa 2001), Nokia