What Is 5 Pence Worth?

by Kathy Adams

The value of British coins in U.S. dollars varies on a regular basis. A 5-pence coin, similar to the nickel in U.S. dollars, is worth 1/20th of a British pound. A pound is similar to a U.S. dollar, while pence are similar to pennies.

Determining Current Values

Since the value of the U.S. dollar compared to a British pound fluctuates, so does the U.S. value of British coins such as a 5-pence. An online currency converter shows up-to-date values of 5 pence in U.S. dollars. As of late August 2014, 5 pence is worth approximately 8 cents in U.S. dollars. If you are unable to check online for current rates, think of pence as similar to pennies -- 5 pence is in the ballpark of the value of a nickel. In terms of British pounds only, it holds the exact same purpose and value as a nickel does compared to a U.S. dollar.

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