How to Find Out if Someone is Dead by Using the Internet

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How Can I Find Out if Someone is Dead? There are many reasons why you would want to find out if someone is dead online. Talking to friends/family members may be a sorrow filled or embarrassing experience. This article will guide you to find accurate results through the Social Security Death Index. The Social Security Death Index, or SSDI, was computerized in 1962 and contains death records for citizens with Social Security Card's after that date.

NAVIGATE TO SSDI - Use the link in the resource section below to navigate to the Social Security Death Index.

ENTER IN THE PERSON'S INFORMATION - On the homepage, you will have an option to enter the person's Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Social Security Number. If you are trying to find out if someone is dead /deceased, you will most likely not be privy to their social security number. Enter the information that you do know. Make sure you are spelling their name correctly.

SUBMIT THE SEARCH - If the person you are searching for has a unique name, you will either find out if they are deceased or if they are not. Scroll through the names and look at when they were born, date of death and date of residency to determine if it is the person you are inquiring about. If your search came back with too many results, continue to the next step.

DO AN ADVANCED SEARCH - If there are too many results for the name you entered, scroll down the bottom of the page and click on "Advanced Search." Here you can enter the last residence and birth date. Keep in mind to only enter the information you know to be true. If you do not know the exact birth date, but you know the year, enter the year. If you are not sure of their address, but you know the state of residency enter it in. This will narrow down the results and determine if indeed the person you are searching for is dead or alive.


  • If you know the person you are searching for has passed away, contact your local Social Security Office to make a correction. (Be advised that you may need to provide proof to correct the record)
  • When providing or looking at the last residence keep in mind that many people own several homes. Also keep in mind this is where they last lived, not necessarily the place they died. If they died on vacation in CA, but lived in TN. Their last residence would be TN.


  • People may not be listed in the SSDI if they: had occupations as farmers, housewives, government employees or had a private retirement plan or were non-employed prior to the 1960's (In fact, it wasn't essential for babies to have a Social Security Number until 1988.) or if they passed before 1962 or their death was not reported to the Social Security Administration.

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