How Much to Tip Movers

by William McCoy
Movers who are exceedingly courteous should earn a big tip.

Movers who are exceedingly courteous should earn a big tip.

The amount you should tip the members of your moving crew isn't as set in stone as tipping at a restaurant or beauty salon. An American Moving & Storage Association spokesperson says moving crews don't expect tips, but that tipping about 5 percent is customary. The general demeanor of the movers and how carefully they perform the job should influence how much you tip.

Tip About 5 Percent

In an article posted on, the partner website of the American Moving & Storage Association, spokesperson John Bisney stresses that **movers do not expect tips. People can tip movers, however, if they're happy with the quality of service** the crew provides. Bisney reports that **tipping 5 percent is reasonable**. If you choose to tip 5 percent, divide this amount among the crew. For example, if hiring the crew costs $750, a 5 percent tip is $37.50. If you had three movers, tip each mover about $12.50, or round up to $15 each.

Consider Professionalism and Care

Use the professionalism of the moving crew to help you decide whether to tip 5 percent, slightly more, slightly less or nothing at all. Evaluate how the moving crew interacts with you. **A friendly, courteous crew deserves more of a tip than one that is sullen**. Pay attention to the care the movers pay to your items. A crew that deserves a tip is one that **packs and handles your boxes and large items with care**.

Provide Refreshments

Regardless of whether you decide to tip, you can provide a comfortable working environment for the moving crew in several ways. It's a kind gesture to **give refreshments to the movers** -- have some bottles of water on hand and consider ordering a pizza or some submarine sandwiches around mealtime. Be **conscientious of movers who are working in extreme temperatures**. For example, leave the air conditioning on during a hot day or place a space heater in the garage on a cold day.

Tip for Piano Movers

A crew that moves your piano doesn't automatically deserve a tip, but consider the effort required to transport this heavy, awkward item and tip accordingly. The American Moving & Storage Association doesn't provide recommendations about tipping for moving a piano. However, Modern Piano Moving in Missouri notes that while tipping isn't required, the **average tip given to its piano movers is between $20 and $40 per person**.

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