How Much Should I Tip for a Haircut?

by Rebecca Rogge
Tipping a groomer depends on the business and services provided.

Tipping a groomer depends on the business and services provided.

Tip A Standard 15 to 20 Percent of the Bill

Etiquette gurus at the Emily Post Institute recommend tipping 15 to 20 percent of the service cost to your hair cutter.

Tip Based on Service

It is also acceptable to "reward good service generously and reduce the tip proportionately for indifferent or rude service," states the Emily Post Institute. Don't feel obligated to tip a poor stylist 20 percent, or feel shy about increasing a tip to a particularly helpful hairdresser.

Bottom Line

Use the standard 15 to 20 percent baseline tipping standard, but feel free to adjust the tip to reflect the service received during your hair cut. For poor service, Emily Post Institute recommends 10 percent if the service is mediocre and 8 percent if it is poor. Similarly, you can tip more generously to reward stellar service.

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