How to Listen to Rush Limbaugh

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As of 2011, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had several ways for his "army" of listeners to catch his program. People who miss the live show can check his website for further options.

Visit and click on the audio/video tab.

Check the options near the top of the page, including the link on the far left labeled "Listen." That link should bring up the most recent program.

Subscribe to the website for additional options, including podcasts and access to the live "Dittocam" in the studio.

Click the "Archives" tab to access archives from the last four weeks of radio shows.

Click the "Stations" tab and fill in your state to get a list of local stations carrying the Limbaugh show live.


  • The Limbaugh Show is a must for any political junkie, regardless of being liberal or conservative. Rush is the main character in political entertainment.


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