Life Hacks You Should Know

by Elizabeth Biscevic

We know from countless experiences that in life there is a hard way and the easy way, a long way and the shortcut, and a tedious way and the efficient way. Oftentimes though, we opt for the long, difficult, and tedious solution, when the quick way is right at our fingertips. Save yourself some time and money with these 9 life hacks.

Keep Apple Slices From Getting Brown

Hold your apple together with a rubber band.

Cut your apple and wrap it up with a rubber band to avoid it getting brown and mushy.

Use a Crayon as a Candle

Burn the crayon paper when you need a light.

If you're stuck without electricity and can't find a candle or flashlight, use a crayon! Light the crayon paper and it will burn for up to 20 minutes.

Don't Let Your Straw Bob Around in Your Soda

Using a straw when sipping on soda lessens the chance of cavities.

If you're the type that drinks soda out of a straw, hold the straw in place using the soda can's tab. Slight the tab 180 degrees and wedge your straw in the loop. It will remain completely secure.

Use a Hair Straightener as an Iron

A straightener works great for wrinkles on the collar and around buttons.

If you don't have time to iron your entire shirt, use a straightening iron on the visible wrinkles. This works especially well for the collar and the space between the buttons.

Apply Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape to Your Medicine Cabinet

Never lose a bobby pin again!

Stick self-adhesive magnetic tape to the inside of your medicine cabinet to keep those easily lost toiletries organized.

Extend the Life of Your Disposable Razor

Store your disposable razor in a glass of rubbing alcohol.

To keep your disposable razor sharp, fill a small glass with rubbing alcohol and keep the blades submerged in between uses. If you don't have rubbing alcohol, use mineral oil or baby oil.

Make a Double Hanger Using a Soda Can Tab

Try bundling your favorite garments for easy-to-find outfits.

Pull off the tab of an aluminum can and use it to connect two hangers together. This trick saves tons of closet space!

Use Vodka to Wash Your Jeans

Don't risk losing your jeans' fit and color.

If you want to keep your jeans in great condition and help save the planet, clean them without throwing them in a washing machine. Fill a spray bottle with vodka and blast the spots that need washing. Hang your jeans to dry.

Use "Borrowed" Office Supplies in New Ways

You can use binder clips to hold gift wrap, grocery lists, recipes or as a chip clip.

Have you ever used paper clips or Post-It notes as a cleaning tool? Did you know you can use rubber bands to help open those hard-to-open caps and lids? Check out these 24 creative ways to use office supplies.

Use 3 Simple Tricks to Keeping Your Fridge Fresh

Don't let your fridge get into a funk!

What do alka seltzer, vanilla extract and scooped out oranges have in common? Our [friends at ]( know what's best for the nose... and for your refrigerator.

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