How to Lead a Bible Study

by Kim Linton

Leading a Bible study is an exciting experience that can also be a bit intimidating if it's your first time. Most churches offer study groups or classes that are sometimes in need of leaders. Some people decide to host a Bible study in their home, or even in places like dorm rooms or a library. Once you have your study group organized, there are several important things you must consider before getting started.

Prepare. To lead a Bible study, you must equip yourself so that you can do your best for God. Study not only the passage you are presenting but also the surrounding text. Use study guides and commentaries to gain additional insight into the text.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. It's very important that God directs you as you attempt to teach the Bible to others. Pray and ask God to be in control as you lead your study group.

Be humble. We must realize that anything we do for God is all his work and not ours. If we attempt to teach God's word with pride in our hearts, we will fail miserably. Always remember that God "resists the proud but gives grace to the humble."

Depend upon God. We can't do anything without his help. We need his assistance in both our preparation and presentation. Ask God to give you his anointing as you lead your Bible study.

Teach with authority. Jesus gives his authority to those who teach the Bible. Peter, when he preached his sermon on the day of Pentecost, taught with authority. We must always teach God's word with authority, or our message will be lifeless.

Encourage your study group members to take notes. Notes taken during a Bible study are wonderful resources to use later for personal prayer time or other Bible studies.

Find others who will support you. We need the support of others to lead a successful Bible study. Put together a core group of people who will help with the preparations, keep order or simply attend the study to encourage you. Everyone needs an amen corner!

Items you will need

  • Meeting place
  • Bibles
  • Notepads
  • Pens


  • Teaching the Bible is an awesome responsibility that must be taken seriously. Examine your motives. If you want to lead a Bible study for egotistical reasons, then you probably should avoid it.
  • Be careful when leading a Bible study that is composed mostly of single people. Sometimes our physical and emotional responses are affected in a confusing way by the spiritual realm. This often causes people to make bad decisions. Keep your Bible study group focused on God and not their flesh.

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