How to Judge a Beauty Pageant

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The Author is a Pageant Producer and Recognized Pageant Coach

The Author is a Pageant Producer and Recognized Pageant Coach

How to Judge a Beauty Pageant. To judge a beauty pageant you must keep in mind that you're looking for more than just a pretty face. A beauty pageant demands poise, excellent social skills and an ability to answer challenging questions. Most of all, it means as a judge you have to make the tough decision of who meets these demands above all others. Here's what to consider when judging a beauty pageant.

Talk with the event organizers beforehand to make sure you understand the full criteria the contestants are being judged on. One beauty pageant might not be like another, and its important to know how one event differs from another.

Meet the contestants before the competition if it is allowed by the rules. Knowing the personality of each contestant is very important because it allows you to see them in a less stressful and more normalized setting.

Arrive early at the venue for the competition and give yourself time to find your place. Being hurried or harried will only make it harder for you to judge the beauty pageant.

View the contestants for physical beauty and bearing. These two qualities are at the heart of what the general public generally considers "beautiful."

Prepare challenging but not impossible questions for the final contestants to answer. Remember that being in the spotlight will cause each of the contestants to become even more nervous than normal.

Keep a close scorecard of each contestant throughout the pageant. To accurately judge a beauty pageant you need to maintain meticulous paper records in case a challenge is lodged.

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