How to iron on Boyscout and Cubscout patches

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Are you having difficulty preparing your son for his first boyscout or cub scout meeting because of the patches?

First: Take the shirt and place it on the ironing board. Check and make sure the patch has glue on it. Look on the others side of the patch. Place the patch in place according to the instructions received from the uniform shop.

Second: Ensure that your iron is a steam iron. Results are much better. Ensure that it is filled with water and turn the knob on steam. Set the iron for the nylon or polyester material of the shirt.

Place a thin pillow case on the patch in place. Once the pillow case is on the patch, take the iron and apply it to the pillow case and apply heavy pressure. Continue to do this for several minutes. Check to see if the patch is beginning to stick. If not, continue to apply pressure and heat from the iron.

Items you will need

  • iron
  • patches
  • pillow case


  • Don't burn your shirt in frustration with the glue not sticking.

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