Importance of Social Groups

by Jay Bradlley

According to Sociology a social group is, "A group of two or more people who interact with one another and who recognize themselves as a distinct social unit". Further, social groups play an important role in daily life.


Social groups are needed to survive.

Social groups fulfill one of the basic psychological needs for survival, belonging. Feeling needed and wanted psychological motivates a person to stride forward and stay mentally healthy. An example of belonging is found in Maslow's psychological hierarchy of needs.


Friends make a social group.

A social group is not always made up of friends, however, friendships may form within a group. Spending a lot of time with people builds relationships and friendships. All members of a group have at least one thing in common otherwise the group wouldn't form.


Communicating promotes well being.

Social groups is a form of communication amongst friends or peers. Communication plays an essential and vital role in life. Communication has many forms and is used on a daily basis in one form or another. Again, it is not mentally healthy to be alone all the time as it often leads to inverted personality traits and depression.


Families are a form of social groups.

Social groups do not just consist of friends. Families are also a form of social groups. Families play a vital role by teaching other family members acceptable behavior and beliefs to live by.


Social groups take many forms.

Social groups act as a great support system when needed. Groups can identify and unify to help solve another members problems or anguish. A good example of a support group is any addiction rehabilitation program.


Society has many social groups in coexistence.

In society social groups exist for many reasons. Take protesters for example; they unite to express personal beliefs towards an opposing group or force. The purpose of the protest is to accomplish a unified goal. Accomplishing goals resonates in all occupations.

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