Importance of a 60th Birthday in Chinese Culture

by Robert Morello
A close-up of red money envelopes on a ceremonial tray.

A close-up of red money envelopes on a ceremonial tray.

In the Chinese culture, certain birthdays hold more significance than others. The age of 60 is considered a true milestone and a cause for respect amongst loved ones. The Chinese calendar follows a 12-year Zodiac pattern, which when multiplied by five equals 60 years. The completion of six cycles of the Zodiac demonstrates time spent on earth and the beginning of an entirely new life cycle.


The typical Chinese 60th birthday celebration involves gifts of food and money. Eggs are eaten at breakfast to symbolize new life, while long uncut noodles are present throughout the day to represent longevity. Money is wrapped in red paper envelopes to keep evil spirits away, and to bring good luck. Peach-shaped dumplings are prepared as a wish for many more birthdays to come.

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