How to Stand at Attention

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How to Stand at Attention. Military units are impressive when the service men and women are in formation standing at attention. If you've ever wondered how to properly stand at attention, military style, follow these steps.

Stand up straight and tall, keeping your hips level. Suck in your stomach as tight as possible. Keep your chest lifted and arched with your shoulders squared.

Touch your heels together and have the toes of both feet go out at a 45-degree angle. Keep your body weight resting equally on your heels and balls of your feet.

Keep your legs together and straight without locking your knees.

Put the arms straight at your sides along the seams of your pants. Keep your thumbs pointing downward along the seam while curling the fingers loosely toward the palm.

Look straight ahead with your head up focusing your eyes directly in front of you. Keep your face straight and relaxed. No smiling allowed.

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