How to Have Common Courtesy

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Being Courteous to others is not only respectful to others, but it directly reflects on you as a person. Here are some common courtesy tips.

Being courteous at home.

At Home- Being discourteous to those we say we love can easily become overlooked. Taking the last piece of cake, not cleaning up after ourselves etc. gets old fast. Being courteous means putting yourself in the other persons shoes instead of thinking of yourself first. It means doing something without being asked and this is not a one time event. We all think we're courteous to some extent but it takes practice. Bad habits don't get better unless you're aware of them. Once you pick up bad habits and behaviors ,especially from watching and learning from other people, they become normal.

Being courteous on on the road.

On the Road - Driving manners can be very annoying. It's not just when we're in a hurry that we treat others discourteous on the road. Try to be generous and let other drivers out of side roads when their trying to get out. Don't tail the person in front of you and use your signals in plenty of time for the person behind you. Are you one of those people who take up two spaces in the parking lot? This is really annoying. Most of all, be courteous of other peoples property and don't bang your door into their car. This is a really bad behavior and damaging to someone's property as well.

Being courteous at work.

At work- Holding the elevator is a nice gesture. Pushing the floor buttons for the other person is even a nicer one. Holding the door is very courteous too. In the business world, its always courteous to say "hello" and "goodbye". If you are on the phone at work, its always wise not to slam the phone down, as this type of discourtesy may leave a bad impression on the other end. Making coffee after you drank the last cup would probably be a good thing as well.


  • There are so many ways to be courteous on the everyday level.
  • There are dozens of ways to be courteous under circumstances
  • Are you a courteous person?


  • Everything you do makes an impression on people.
  • Being a discourteous offender will catch up to you someday.

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