Gift Ideas for Fathers Over Seventy Years Old

by Laurence Girard

Fathers older than 70 tend to enjoy the simple things in life. Restaurant gift cards, tickets, fountain pens, iPods, watches and cologne are all excellent gift ideas for fathers 70 and older. Combining more than one of these gift ideas would make an excellent gift package for a father’s birthday or special occasion.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Restaurant gift cards are a simple yet perfect gift for a 70-year-old father. Purchase a gift card to your father’s favorite restaurant. Attach a note telling him to enjoy a meal on you. Older people typically enjoy eating out, which makes this gift idea simple, yet effective. List how much the gift card has on it so you’re father doesn’t feel the need to bring additional cash.


Fathers who are into music will enjoy getting a set of tickets to a Broadway show or concert. Look on to try to find a musical event you think your father will enjoy. Offer to rent a limousine for the night for your father so he doesn’t need to worry about driving. If your father is more into sports, consider purchasing him a ticket for a sporting event. Box seats are a great gift for fathers who like sports.


If your father is into technology despite his age, consider purchasing him an iPod. Before giving him an iPod as a gift, load his favorite music onto the iPod so he doesn’t have to worry about uploading music. They can be purchased from


Watches are a classic gift that older men enjoy. Some top brands of watches include Fossil, Boluva and Rolex. Surprise your father or take him to a watch store to make sure he finds something he’ll enjoy. If you surprise him, provide a gift receipt so he can return it if he’s interested in a different watch.


Cologne is a simple and relatively inexpensive gift you can give a 70-year-old father. Find out what type of cologne your father likes from a family member and purchase it from a store or online. Consider purchasing multiple types of cologne to see what type he likes best.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens make a great gift for older men. Top brands of fountain pens are Mountblanc, Avalon and Cross. Consider purchasing a set of fountain pens for your father if it’s his birthday or a special occasion. Fountain pens make an excellent gift for a father because its something he will actually use on a daily basis.

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