How to Do Black Magic

by Contributor

Not to be confused with a card game or a cocktail, black magic refers to the dark arts of witchcraft. Black magic is used for revenge, to seek power over someone or increase one's own power. Most modern day Wiccans do not use black magic at all and instead seek harmony in nature. However, there ways to investigate the dark arts.

Be careful. Black Magic involves rituals that are intended to draw upon malevolent spirits. Being involved in such rituals means that you will become exposed to these same potentially evil forces.

Think about what your real goals are, what you really need. Black magic is magic done for the explicit purpose of causing harm to another person. Decide if there is a way to get what you need in a positive way.

Get a Book of Spells or a book on witchcraft. In order to summon an entity, you must know its name, and the "words of power" that must be used to bring it forth. There are hundreds of such names. A good source would be "The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Choose a quiet setting which can be indoors or outdoors during a time (usually evening) when such spirits are able to manifest themselves.

Draw a magic circle on the ground or floor and stand inside it. Call the spirit by using its name three times. Wait and recite the names of power again, each time using stronger words. The amount of energy and concentration you bring to this is important successfully summon the spirit.

Greet the entity with courtesy and respect when it appears. Answer any questions it asks of you. You may then make your request.

Demand that the spirit leave and that it not harm you while doing so.

Items you will need

  • Pentacle symbol
  • Consecrated scented oils
  • Hazelwood stick
  • Book of Spells


  • Wiccans believe the irresponsible use of black magic is one of the reasons their entire community has been discriminated against for many years.
  • It is important to also conjure good spirits during the process, who can assist you in driving demon spirits away, if necessary.


  • Don't expect to be able to conjure up devils to carry out your plan. The notion that a black magician makes a pact with the devil is a myth of popular culture.