How to Cleanse and Charge a Pendulum

by J.M. Willhite

Just as with any other divining tool, the pendulum needs to be cleansed and charged on a regular basis. Generally, pendulums should be cleansed before and after each use. For the purpose of this How To, we will cover ways to cleanse and charge a pendulum.

How to Cleanse a Pendulum

On a day when the forecast is for lots of sun, place the pendulum outside on a ledge or window sill in the morning hours where it can get direct sunlight. Make sure to place it where it will not be disturbed and will be out of reach of others .

Leave the pendulum outside until the sun sets. Once the sun begins to set, bring the pendulum back into the house.

Similarly to when you charge gemstones and crystals using this method, when you hold the pendulum in your hand you should be able to feel if the pendulum is cleansed.

If the pendulum still feels a bit fuzzy, or weighted, then you may want to place it outside in the sun the following day. If the pendulum feels light and clear, then it has been fully cleansed.

A Second Way to Cleanse a Pendulum

Sit and relax. Clear your mind and focus your intent and purpose. You may want to ask Spirit, or whichever Divinity you feel most comfortable working with, to guide you.

Light the sandalwood incense. Say a prayer of cleansing and blessing.

Hold the pendulum in your power hand for a few minutes. Pass the pendulum through the incense smoke while saying a few words of cleansing and purification. Chanting intent works well, too.

Pass the pendulum through the incense smoke three times. Each time you pass it through, firmly restate your intent.

After the third pass, hold the pendulum and concentrate on the energies that you feel. If the pendulum feels light and clear, the cleansing is complete. If, however, the pendulum still feels a bit fuzzy, or weighted, you should repeat the cleansing. Once the pendulum feels light, the cleansing is done.

Allow the incense to burn itself out. Remember to thank Spirit!

How to Charge a Pendulum

Sit for a few minutes and relax. Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Focus your purpose and intent.

Hold the cleansed pendulum in your power hand. Focus your positive, intended energies and direct them to the divining tool that you hold.

Envision the energies as a thin white light spiraling down to the pendulum.

When the pendulum begins to "vibrate" with your energies the charge is complete.

Put the pendulum away and allow it to fully absorb the energies.

Items you will need

  • A place where you will not be disturbed
  • A bright sunny day
  • Pendulum
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Incense holder

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