How to Change Voter Registration Online

by Jamie Lisse

If you move, or if you wish to change your official political affiliation, you will need to change your voter registration. While most U.S. Post Office locations have paper voter registration forms available, you can also change your voter registration online.

Go to the Secretary of State website for your state. The League of Rural Voters has links on its site.

Look for "Register to Vote" or "Update Voter Registration," and click on it to go to a page to update your information.

Change your name, address or party affiliation on the provided online form. Most states will let you change your address only if you still live in the county where you initially registered. If you change counties, you will be required to fill out a new voter registration.

Submit the form. Some states require that the form be printed out, signed and sent through the mail.

Wait for your updated voter registration card. It will take 30 days for the changes to go into effect.


  • Rock the Vote has a website that takes voter registration updates for all states.

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