How to Cast Truth Spells

by Dialogue Queen
The tone of a poem communicates the emotion the writer intended to convey.

The tone of a poem communicates the emotion the writer intended to convey.

Often we seek an answer from someone regarding something they may not want to tell us. Or we suspect that someone lied and we want to know the truth. Here is how to cast a truth spell on someone to find the truth you are seeking.

Get Started

Carve the name of the person you seek the truth from on the white candle. Use the needle to do the carving.

Cover the white candle with the five senses oil. Cover the blue candle with the compelling oil. Light each candle.

Set the two candles on the floor or a table a few inches apart from each other. Focus on the blue candle and say "Here is the truth which must be told." Focus your attention now on the white candle and say "Here is ____." Fill in the blank with whoever it is you are trying to get the truth from.

Slowly move the two candles together until they touch. Speak a spell of your choosing, you can make one up, just make your intentions clear, that you are casting a spell and want the truth from ____ and will receive it as soon as the candles have burned.

Wait for the candles to burn completely. You should receive the truth you are seeking shortly.


  • Have the person you seek the truth from be near you but not in the same room as you cast the spell so that they will be able to speak the truth to you as soon as the spell ceremony is complete


  • Be careful of where you set the burning candles.

Items you will need

  • Needle
  • Compelling Oil
  • Five Senses Oil
  • 1 white Offertory candle
  • 1 blue Offertory candle

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