How to Cast Break Up Spells

by Sara Robbel

Do you know someone that just shouldn't be with their current mate? Does it drive you absolutely nuts to see them together? This spell can help break them apart for good.

How to Cast Break Up Spells

Light the brown candle with the wooden matches. Be advised that only a brown candle will work. Under no circumstances should you use a black candle.

Using a photograph that is of the two people you wish to break up, draw an X through the couple with the marker. Next, draw three circles around the X. The circles may overlap.

Make sure the mortar and pestle are nearby for this next step. The mortar is the bowl and pestle is the heavy stick.

Hold the photograph on the bottom right corner. Ignite the photograph at the top left corner from the candle and hold over the mortar. Say the words, "As this photograph burns to ashes, so does the love you two share". Repeat this until the flames on the photograph are too close to your fingers to hold any longer. Drop the flaming photograph into the mortar.

After the last of the fire has died, grasp the pestle in your left hand. Grind the ashes into a very fine dust. Extinguish the candle.

Take the mortar outside. Dig a small hole, about 1 foot by 1 foot. Bury the ashes. Once the dirt has been replaced in the hole, stand on top off the spot and stamp the dirt flat. While doing this, picture in your head the couple in the photograph breaking apart and no longer being happy together.


  • Make sure you place your candle on a candle holder or flame resistant surface.
  • Always be sure to use caution while using fire.
  • Extinguish all fire completely after you are finished with it.

Items you will need

  • brown candle
  • wooden matches
  • photograph
  • black magic marker
  • mortar and pestle
  • small shovel or spade

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