How to Become an Ordained Wiccan Priest

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Becoming an ordained Wiccan priest is a two-fold process. Wicca is a broad-based name for a pagan faith that celebrates the Earth, natural cycles of birth, life and death as well as dual worship of God and Goddess. Many different paths of Wicca can be followed by adherents, much as there are multiple denominations of Christianity. While no central authority claims dominion over all Wiccans, each path to priesthood or priestesshood is individual to the coven and the faith.

Verify legal statutes governing marriage for your state. Becoming ordained may not be enough in some states to sign a marriage license. Your state may also have additional requirements in addition to becoming ordained. Verify those legal issues as you seek ordination (see Resources below).

Visit the Universal Life Church Monastery online. The non-denominational online church offers ordainment for followers of all faiths. Fill out and submit an online form (see Resources below).

Wait for the review period. According to the website, the Universal Life Church reviews each application prior to approval. Each applicant will receive a notice of their ordination and the information necessary to fill out legal documents as an ordained priest or priestess.

Order any additional documentation as needed, including marriage kits, marriage certificates and letters of good standing. (Note that each of these costs a small fee.)

Keep copies of documents ready for review as needed.


  • Accept that ordination for a Wiccan priest or priestess is merely a legal measure, not a religious one.


  • Receiving ordination in this matter is about legalities, not official training.

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