How to Attach a Grave Blanket

by Jackie Hardin

Grave blankets are used to decorate graves in the northern region of the country. Traditionally, they are placed on the grave late in the fall and removed in early spring. The most common size grave blanket is 6-by-4 feet. Extra wide blankets are available to cover two graves side by side and grave pillows to place at the head of the grave, or on an infant-sized plot. Grave blankets are constructed from evergreen branches over a wooden frame and decorated with pine cones, ribbons and artificial flowers.

Cutting the Hanger

Using heavy duty wire cutters, cut the coat hanger on each side of the neck, discarding the neck piece. Remove any bends in the hanger using your hands or a pair of pliers to form a straight length of wire.

Using the pliers, bend one end to form a 4-inch hook, repeat this with each of the five remaining wires.

Place the blanket on the grave, this is best done before the ground freezes. Starting at the top of the blanket push a wire through the evergreen section inside the frame, use a hammer if the ground is hard or frozen.

Place one stake on each corner of the blanket and one half way down each side for a full size blanket, use three stakes for a grave pillow.

Items you will need

  • 6 wire coat hangers
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Hammer


  • Commercial landscaping pins can be used to attach the blanket to the grave. Landscaping pins can be found at garden and nursery supply stores, pins should be 12 to 14 inches in length.


  • Use caution when cutting the clothes hangers with wire cutters. Safety goggles should be worn whenever cutting wire.

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