How to Address a Letter to Two Doctors

by William McCoy

Whether you're planning to invite a couple comprised of two medical doctors or two people with doctorates to your upcoming wedding or anniversary party or are simply sending the couple some holiday greetings, take care to address the envelope correctly. It's a simple process to ensure you address the letter or card in the proper manner, which conveys your knowledge of proper etiquette to the two doctors.

Ask the couple or someone close to the couple if the woman doctor uses her maiden name. If she earned her medical degree or doctorate before getting married, she might have chosen to keep her maiden name. Knowing this detail influences how you address the envelope.

Write "The Doctors" and the couple's last name on the top line of the middle of the envelope if the couple shares the same surname. For example, if they share the name "Smith," write "The Doctors Smith." It's also appropriate to use both first names. For example, write "Drs. Mary and John Smith." As with any letter, include the mailing address in the lines below.

Write the prefix of "Dr." and each doctor's first and last name on the top line of the envelope if the couple uses different surnames. For example, write "Dr. Mary Bailey and Dr. John Smith." This approach is suitable if the woman uses her maiden name or the couple is unmarried.

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