How to Act On A First Date (For Women)

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How do you act on a first date? It's hard to know sometimes. First dates are pretty stressful. If you follow a few simple rules and be yourself, however, you should get through the date feeling good about yourself, regardless of whether you'd like a second date.

If you are meeting your date somewhere, do not show up late and keep them waiting. Be considerate of the other person's time. It's not impressive to be fashionably late. If he is picking you up at your house, be ready when he arrives.

When you meet the guy, if you haven't both already decided what to (i.e., what restaurant to go to, what movie to see), have a few things in mind to suggest. Think about it beforehand and be prepared. If he asks you, "Where do you want to go eat?", don't just say, "Oh, I don't know. Wherever you want to go." Say something like, "There's a good Thai place on Third Street. Or if you like Italian, we could go to Anthony's downtown. Do either of those sound good, or do you have anything else in mind? I'm up for anything!"

Don't brag or try to show off, but do talk about yourself in a positive light.

Be a good listener. Don't ramble on and on about yourself. Ask the other person questions about himself and really listen to the answers. If the guy tells you a story about himself, don't butt in and tell a similar story about YOURSELF. When you respond, don't always refer the conversation back to yourself.

Under all circumstances, be polite. This person has made an effort to spend time with you, and you should under no circumstances act too familiar. You can insult your brother and give him a jab in the stomach, and it is all in good fun. But refrain from any sort of sarcastic humor, criticisms, and rude behavior on a first date. If your date acts in a rude manner to you, remain graceful. Usually, people treat you as you treat them. Act courteous, and expect courtesy in return. Most often, you will get it. If you don't, then there may not be a second date, right?

It's easy to drink too much if you are nervous. Limit your alcohol. If you feel you cannot do so, don't drink. There is nothing wrong with ordering a diet soda in a restaurant or bar, when he is ordering an alcoholic beverage. Who cares. Drinking can get you into loads of trouble and you'll always regret it.

Don't act like so much is riding on this first date. If you two are meant to be, it will happen. Try to tone down the pressure of this first date as much as possible. The less pressure, the better date you will have.

Only if you feel like it, at the end of the date give him a kiss on the cheek or mouth. This should be a spontaneous gesture only! Don't stress out if you don't do this. It should only be done if it feels natural. Also, don't make out with the guy or anything beyond that on the first date. Keep the first date innocent and light.

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